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Zenbow and Nirvana Diffusers

zenbow diffuser

Our electronic diffusers get a lot of attention and sell like hot cakes. But why are they better than a standard heat diffuser?

The Zenbow and Nirvana diffusers use ultrasonic frequencies to create vibrations. These carry to the surface where the oils are floating and vaporise them, dispersing them into the environment without using any form of heat.

Essential oils are complex molecular compounds. When dispersed with heat, different molecule chains vaporise at different moments, depending on the degree of heat applied. Hence the temperature alters the chemistry of the essential oil, as opposed to delivering the whole oil into the atmosphere.

I notice the ‘heat factor’ effecting oils in other ways. We sell four types of sandalwood and as summer temperatures have arrived each has ‘blossomed’ becoming noticeably more complex, volatile and potent. The same has happened with our oakmoss, vanilla and rose absolutes.

Come and see, and smell, our diffusers in action at Piccadilly Market — the stylish Zenbow which resembles an erupting volcano and the mighty Nirvana which is almost a foot tall — and be amazed!

Or buy them online at havenessence.com