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Street Markets London

Welcome to our sister site, Street Markets London, which aims to:

… tell the story of London’s covered, outdoor and street markets, including their history, location, goods sold, opening hours, plus news of notable events and traders.

Markets are where supply meets demand at a most basic level. Anyone with a few pounds in their pocket to rent a stall can set out their wares — supply — and discover if the public wants it — demand.

Derek Edward Trotter
Derek Edward Trotter

Street Markets London is a work in progress. All London’s major markets will be visited, photographed, and written about. There are a lot of them so it will take a while.

And then, because markets are dynamic, they’ll need to be visited again…

Piccadilly Market London

Women in summer hats and frocks, men in t-shirts and sandals, lovers holding hands in the church gardens, tourists perspiring but happy. It’s the first day of summer

St James's Church Gardens
St James's Church Gardens

at Piccadilly Market!

After months of cold, snow, hail, a wind like the devil running round the churchyard (as if attempting, fruitlessly, to gain entry to the church) the warmth comes as a blessed relief.

The St James’s Church gardens are a secret delight. The stretch of central London from Piccadilly Circus to Green Park is a heavily built environment with little greenery. The property developers are in permanent action, knocking down buildings and building new ones, driven by some of the highest property prices in the world.

So in this dusty, car exhaust-laden, glass and concrete urban desert, the St James’s Church gardens, between Piccadilly and Jermyn Street, are important.