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Lavender & Old Ladies

Havenessence usually stocks half a dozen lavenders from around the world. Varieties include angustifolia, hybridia sumian and latifolia. Most are steam distilled but we usually hold a lavender absolute — bright green, camphorous, powerful, expensive, to be used with caution!

But it’s our English lavenders which take pride of place: low, sweet, floral, herbaceous, soporific, without the high camphor or eucalyptus notes of lavenders grown further south.


We buy from different English counties, depending on quality and supply. Some fields and distillers are better some years than others so we move around the country, sourcing the unusual and the best.

Lavender in Britain gets a bad press, being associated with old ladies. Our English lavenders are sweet, sexy, and infinitely surprising — scents for all ages.

Lavender effects some people strongly in terms of sleep and relaxation, helping to produce a deep, dreamless sleep when dripped on the pillow or used in the bath at bedtime. Accordingly, our lavenders are a top ingredients for soaps, creams and massage oils.

As a child I was fortunate enough to take part in a lavender harvest. The field was cut and the crop transported by tractor and trailer through the lanes to where the distiller was waiting. I travelled sitting on the freshly cut lavender and, forty years later, still remember that smell. At Havenessence we can share some of that magic.