Piccadilly Market On the Map

Piccadilly Market St James Church Piccadilly-1

A Google revealed that Piccadilly Market appeared neither on the St James’s Church Wikipedia page nor on Wikipedia’s List of Markets in London. That has been rectified.


Piccadilly Market, in the courtyard of St James’s Church Piccadilly, is often referred to as a ‘hidden gem.’ But gems should be worn. They should sparkle and give pleasure. They should not be hidden away.

Piccadilly Market St James Church Piccadilly-2

When someone Googles ‘london markets’ or ‘london street markets’ Piccadilly Market should appear near the top of the search result. It has, after all, existed since 1981.

People can then visit, enjoy the market, tell their friends, eat their lunch in the beautiful gardens, attend a concert, walk round the church, discover that William Blake was baptised there in 1757, and attend a church service. But they need to know about it.

Piccadilly Market St James Church Piccadilly-2