Deep, musky, rich, warm, floral. Also known as Spanish jasmine, Royal jasmine, Catalonian jasmine. Botanical name: Jasminum grandiflorum L.

Jasmine - Jasminum grandiflorum L
Jasmine - Jasminum grandiflorum L

Jasmine is of cultural significance in India, China, Tunisia, Syria and elsewhere. In the Chandan Yatra festival of the of Hindu god Jagannath, held on Akshaya Tritiya at the Jagannath Temple every year, the deity is bathed with water scented with sandalwood and jasmine. Indian girls wear the jasmine flower in their hair. The flowers were used as a symbol during the 2011 Chinese pro-democracy protests.

India - hair - decoration - jasmine
Jasmine hair decoration in India
Hong Kong China Jasmine Revolution
Abortive 2011 Jasmine Revolution in China (Hong Kong)
jasmine - India
Basket of Jasmine flowers, India