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Essential Oils London – Try Before you Buy

Essential Oils London
Essential Oils London

Essential oils should be smelt. They can also be mixed with a good carrier — say Argon Oil — and used as scent or for massage. They can be dripped in the bath. Or used in the manufacture of high quality soaps, creams and perfumes. Or vaporised in an oil burner.

But most of all they should be smelt, especially before purchase. Which is an advantage of obtaining your oils from Havenessence at Piccadilly Market in central London. Nearly all our oils can be smelt before purchase. Some customers stay half an hour, working their way through our range — the largest collection of essential oils in central London.

Essential Oils London
Essential Oils London

Magnolia Tree, St James’s Church Piccadilly

There are many reasons for visiting St James’s Church on London’s Piccadilly, but one is to see the magnificent magnolia tree which has just bloomed in the churchyard.

Magnolia is an ancient genus which evolved before bees appeared, so the flowers are pollinated by beetles. They produce no nectar but plenty of pollen. The pollen is high in protein and the beetles use it for food.

The flowers are great, vigorous, rubbery things of a delicate pink. The tree towers over Piccadilly on that desolate, de-natured, stretch between Piccadilly Circus and Green Park. As tourists, office workers, hedge fund managers and their armies of servants, rush about, the magnolia nods gently over their heads, beetles busy in the flowers.

I took these pictures yesterday evening on a camera-phone without a flash.

Magnolia Tree, St James's Church Piccadilly 1

Magnolia Tree, St James's Church Piccadilly 2

Magnolia Tree, St James's Church Piccadilly 3

Magnolia Tree, St James's Church Piccadilly 4

Magnolia Tree, St James's Church Piccadilly 5

Specialist Essential Oils

The following specialist essential oils are normally available from us in central London:

  • Chamomile Matricaria Absolute
  • Frangipani Absolute
  • Gardenia Absolute
  • Honeysuckle Absolute
  • Hyacinth Absolute
  • Jasmine Absolute
  • Marigold Absolute
  • Neroli Absolute
  • Rose Maroc Absolute
  • Rose Otto Steam Distilled
  • Sandalwood Indian Steam Distilled
  • Vanilla Absolute

We keep a limited stock so best to phone before visiting. You can smell the oils before purchase. We open four days a week, Wed-Sat incl, 10am – 6pm at:

Piccadilly Market
St James’s Church
197 Piccadilly
London W1J 9LL

Tel: 07588 964 422